The Technē Cast

technē - ancient Greek for craftsmanship, craft, art and the human ability to make and perform

A monthly podcast

The Technē Cast is a podcast that explores creative approaches to research, craft & practice.


We invite students, artists, activists and enthusiasts onto our podcast to discuss their research.


Each short episode is dedicated to a different person's work - come listen to discussions on the arts, humanities, literature, craft, history, culture, performance, poetry and making. 

See our call for works here.


Introducing the technē conflux: Philosophy and Critical Theory!

Ruth Hansford, PhD researcher in the Music department at Surrey, talks to Dr Christian Gilliam, formerly at Surrey and now at Cambridge, who has devised a series of events on philosophy and critical research. They discuss how we can keep a sense of perspective, grounding our research in various traditions of thought and knowledge, but without getting overwhelmed. Or to put in another way, the importance of keeping your eye on the birdie.


The word technē comes from the ancient Greek word to describe craftsmanship, craft or art and the human ability to make and perform.


technē supports outstanding students pursuing the ‘craft’ of research through innovative, interdisciplinary and creative approaches across the range of the arts and humanities. It is built around this ethos of a mutually beneficial exploration with students, of what might be achieved by combining the old and the new – the past and the present – the traditional and the innovative.


The techne consortium comprises nine universities in London and the South-East (plus the RCA which is joining another DTP from 2019/20) and has almost 60 AHRC studentships to award each year across a range of arts and humanities disciplines. It offers rigorous scholarly training and opportunities to develop skills in innovation, critical thinking, risk taking, creativity and communication that are valued in academic and work contexts  


The technēcast welcomes submissions and collaborations from researchers, scholars, creatives, activists, artists, curators, students, PhDs and academics. 

We have an open door policy and are open to whatever format you would like to work with for your episode. Whether you would like to record a monologue, recent paper presentation, a dialogue or informal interview with us (Jo and Polly), or create your own soundscape, let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen! 


If you would like to be featured on an episode, please get in touch and drop us an email on 

Read our full call for works here. 


We'd love to hear from you! 

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technē - ancient Greek for craftsmanship, craft, art and the human ability to make and perform

A monthly podcast

The Technē Cast is a new podcast that explores creative approaches to research, craft & practice. 

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